YOU are the Knight In Shining Armour

I’m not ashamed that I still love to read fantasy books. We all have our ways to escape in a different world, although many adults these days consume their stories mostly as movies.


But yesterday this idea crossed my mind: What if the beautiful princess (- or maiden or whatever) that’s always being saved, is actually a metaphor for our beautiful, loving and brilliant innermost part?


What if the monsters that she needs saving from are actually doubts, worries, self-criticism and fears?


The knight in the shining armour embarks on his quest attracted by the possibility to obtain something rare, incredibly beautiful, precious and so on. He overcomes all obstacles and ends up with the princess, both deeply in love with each other. The end.


NOTE: he doesn’t go about saving other princesses for the rest of his life, he’s not a professional damsel-in-distress-rescuer.


When the quest successfully ends he usually upgrades to a higher status (- king), and he lives happily ever after, having found his most valuable treasure.


Also, even if the hero might have started the quest as a way to prove himself worthy or as a charge from an older, greedier or more complacent king, after all is said and done, he’s the one who will enjoy the fruits of his labour.


This can be the story of discovering that beautiful and resourceful part of ourselves.


We might not be aware it’s there. We might hear rumours about how precious it is. We might try to find a shortcut or think we can send someone else to find it when we count on borrowed wisdom, instead of our own. 


But the nature of this treasure is such that no matter how hard others might try to show it to us, ONLY WE can find it for ourselves.


And no amount of love from others will be able to rescue us from ourselves.


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