When It’s A Good Time For A Fresh Start?


Life happens to us with ups and downs. Whether we choose to change or are forced to change, change we must.


How many times have you seen yourself or other people wanting to make a fresh start?


A fresh start is just another name for change – but somehow it sounds better, more empowering. It’s like we could wipe out our past mistakes, wrong decisions or painful experiences, and we can start again as if nothing happened.


We also assume that now that we know better, we’ll do better.
(As any New Year resolution can tell you, that’s not always the case.)


It’s interesting to notice what we usually associate a fresh start with:

  •  new resources – a new car, house, or more money
  •  a particular time – like New Year
  •  a new location – moving somewhere nobody knows you
  •  a new position – a new job or a change in social status
  •  an addition to your family
  •  other factors


If you look closely, tying a fresh start to any of these things seems very familiar.

It’s the cousin of the “I’ll be happy when…” type of conditioning.


Although we’re used to think this way, a fresh start isn’t by default linked to anything. Any moment and any place are good enough to be your starting point for a new beginning.


So really, why can’t you start NOW?


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