We Are More Alike, My Friends…




“We are more alike, my friends,

than we are unalike.” – Dr Maya Angelou


Traditional Chinese medicine knew for centuries that feelings affect our body. Each organ is influenced by a specific emotion, an excess of which can lead to imbalances and serious illnesses.


In a mapping experiment, 700 volunteers from Sweden, Finland and Taiwan were asked to think about one of 14 common emotions, then paint on a silhouette the areas that felt stimulated by that particular emotion.


They also had to paint on a second silhouette in darker/colder colours the areas that felt “deactivated”. They could read a short story or view a video to generate the corresponding emotion.


The experiment showed that irrespective of age, sex, or nationality, we tend to feel emotions in pretty much the same areas, consistently.


How amazing is this?


For so long we’ve been taught to keep our feelings to ourselves because sharing them would be a sign of weakness. We’ve learned our lesson well; now we keep our emotions bottled up while we feel lonely and our bodies get sick.


So how about next time you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, afraid, etc. you find someone trustworthy and share what you’re going through.


Not only you’ll be healthier, but you might find help or the answer to your problems.



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