Waking Up Galatea




Pygmalion was such a talented sculptor that his lifelike creations were the most sought after in the city.

His craftsmanship reached perfection when he sculpted Galatea out of ivory. No woman could match its breathtaking beauty.


He fell in love with it and lost all interest for anything else.

He didn’t want to show Galatea to anybody, jealously keeping it to himself. He would bring it gifts, caress, kiss and talk to it every day.


Impressed by his passion, Aphrodite the goddess of love and beauty granted him the miracle of bringing Galatea to life. With every kiss he gave her, she became warm, she turned into a real woman.


Why this lesson in Greek Mythology?


If you’re not showing your work to the world because “it’s not good enough yet” you’re like Pygmalion, but mostly in reverse.


Your Galatea isn’t kept in the dark because you’re proud of it, but because you think that it still needs improvement.

While Pygmalion saw her as more than a statue, you see your work as sub par.


Galatea was brought to life by the power of love. Your work may never see daylight because of your doubts’ cold kiss of death.


Now look again at the differences and ask yourself:

“Do I want to go on procrastinating or do I want to be a bit more like Pygmalion?”


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