Vanquish The Hag!

Man, she’s one ugly hag. Wrinkly face full of warts, harsh voice and cackle, claw-like hands – definitely not your “have-a-cookie-dear” Granny.


She’s not a Halloween character. If you look carefully, you can recognise her as the leading actor of those dark moments when your impostor syndrome strikes.

  • She never sees any good and never says anything good.
  • She can wither joy and drain your powers.
  • She uses all your past mistakes and shortcomings as ingredients for her brews.


She can poison your life if you let her.

And sometimes you do because you think she’s almighty, because you think she’s right.


If you listen to her words, you’ll end up trapped or paralysed.


But you know what?

Your mental space is actually yours, and as such, you can allow or banish whatever and whomever you like. (Even if it doesn’t always seem so.)


So next time you hear the familiar “Double, double toil and trouble” kick her cauldron.

Hide her broomstick. Turn the lights on. Laugh at her.


You’ll see her blinking in shock and growing smaller and smaller.

Incantations or not, she’ll vanish like an ice cube on a hot stove.


And when you’re freed from her spells, you’ll be able to see your strengths again.


You will finally be able to speak your truth.


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