Tough Love

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How do you find the motivation to keep on going, when you see nothing ahead?


Entrepreneurship is not for the faint-hearted, they say. When you start this journey, you don’t really know what you’ve signed up for. You imagine once you put in your expertise, results will show up and money will flow in.


But in this day and age, it might not happen right away. The market is so crowded; it takes time, work and resources to stand out of the crowd. You may be required to have skills that are not directly related to what you do.


And even when you do the right things, you might need to persevere for quite some time before you get results.


But how do you convince yourself there is a point in what you do, and things are worthwhile?


Well, the answer is: you don’t. If you need convincing, maybe you shouldn’t do it.


What you should do is pause and take some time to think (- or sometimes, remember):


Why did you choose to do this? When you think of what you want, do you jump out of bed looking forward to a new day to you make it come true?


Ideally, you asked yourself (and got the answers to) these questions before you started. If you didn’t… the next good moment is now.


Stop, take a good look at your life and re-evaluate everything: values, priorities, motives.


Check if you do what’s important /meaningful to you or just run on autopilot. And then change your actions accordingly.


This being said, even when you started with a strong vision, a desire that made your heart sing, sometimes you might need support.


Because you got tired of putting in blood, sweat and tears and getting nothing in return.


This is when it’s good to reach out. You need a support system to have your back. That means:

1. – close friends to let off steam by sharing your frustrations and worries. They can also remind you that you have qualities and skills in those times when you see only flaws and failures.


2. – people who went through the same journey. Just realising that you’re not the only one having these problems helps a lot to keep your sanity. Ask them how they dealt with the blocks. What was, in their experience, the best way to do X? How did they pick themselves up and what helped them move further?


You’d be surprised how sometimes a little tweak in your strategy is all you need to get things going like a well-oiled machine.


The internet is full of false success stories, of loud ‘millionaires’ selling you the ‘X Step Proven Success Formula’. It’s a lot of noise out there.


But there are also many honest people who share their story, the ups and downs, the good, the bad and the ugly.


There was a paragraph in an article in Forbes saying:


“What most people call an overnight success is really just the market suddenly realizing the value of a great product or service that’d been kept in obscurity for too long while its owner stubbornly refused to give up.”


Starting something new is an act of courage.

Doubts and fears will always come along – that’s part of the deal.


But if you know you’re on the right journey, don’t let them stop you!


Hang in there. Learn, do the work, adjust.
Try again.


And hang in there.


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