Three Questions To Avoid Burnout

When you work very long hours because you love what you’re doing it doesn’t feel like burnout. Because there is curiosity, playfulness and passion there. Yes, you’re exhausted, but you had such a blast your moral is high.


The problem occurs when you get no results – or not the ones you’d like. That’s when exhaustion reaches the mental and emotional levels as well.


It also reaches there when not only you have to do A LOT, but you also don’t like what you’re doing (- or you dread it or downright hate it.) Still you doggedly plod on.


Because “you have to”, “your boss / family / partner / friends/ the community are counting on you”, “it has to be done”, “there’s no one else to do it”, etc.


It’s worth taking a look at the things you’re telling yourself.

Sometimes they are not true. Many times you could find gentler solutions, if you’re willing to see.


Mental exhaustion and overwhelm are harder to catch up in the early stages, but they are even more damaging than the physical one.


Here are three questions worth keeping in the back of your mind when you’re ready to go into the hectic mode:


1. If you disappeared tomorrow, who would deal with this?

2. What are you trying to prove by doing this?

3. Who are you trying to prove it to?


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