The (Well Disguised) Blessings Of A Burnout



Burnout can damage your health, your career, you personal life.

You might give up on your business, sometimes your family might give up on you.

Although you might try to hide it, its effects are devastating.


And yet, there are (well disguised) blessings to it.

1. – It makes you aware of your priorities – we might think we know them, but mostly we just automatically react to life. We allow ourselves to be led into actions that, upon reflection, we’d rather not take, or at least not as our first option.


2. – it brings a (dramatic) shift in how you perceive the importance of things. Because sometimes when you are too far off, only a radical event can make you re-assess your values.


3. – once the foreign pieces fall off, what’s left is the valuable, rock solid core of your being, of your life. The others’ opinions don’t weight that much anymore. You start listening to what you want and find out who you are.You start trusting your internal radar more.


The land that was burnt is barren and dark for awhile, then it comes back to life and a new set of plants will thrive there.


But… did it really have to burn?


Could there be another (less distructive) way for you to reach a fresh perspective?


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