The time Is NOW!

You have this idea. You know it can solve a real problem, better than the other solutions out there at the moment. That people would benefit immensely from it.


But you don’t do anything about it, because things aren’t perfectly lined up. The conditions aren’t perfect yet.


So you let it linger there, unexpressed – and it will continue to haunt and nag you.


Let me ask you:

  • What is your definition of “perfect”?
  • How realistic and attainable is it?
  • Do you have clear criteria for knowing when you’ve reached it? Or is it more like chasing the horizon?
  • Have you allotted a specific amount of time for the conditions to match your standards? Or will you be waiting indefinitely?


You can go on procrastinating, not working on that beautiful idea of yours because conditions are not perfect yet.


But are you willing to spend your life longing for what could have been?


No matter how good it is, an idea that lives and dies in your head only is of no help – to yourself or to others.


How about you ditch those excuses and start working on it right away instead?


The time is NOW!


Is Fear Of Being Judged Running Your Life?

Would you like to start doing what YOU want instead of what others choose for you?

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