The Short End Of The Stick



When it comes to perfectionism, it seems women got the short end of the stick.

Not only their physiology makes them more prone to it , but they are also more prone to “inherit” a parent’s perfectionism (especially from their mothers).


In addition to this, women also have to deal with biases and stereotypes at work.

To be seen as equally competent, women are often required to demonstrate their competence again and again.


The consequence?

Women will work harder and strive to perform flawlessly.


A lot of times, men are more likely to be evaluated on potential, while women are evaluated on performance.

This means that while men’s blunders may be forgiven or forgotten, a mistake made by a woman is closely analysed and remembered.


And it’s even harder when women are working in traditionally masculine professions. It’s shocking how many successful women feel like impostors, despite their many achievements.


Have you as a woman been the subject of these biases and stereotypes?

How did they add to your self-criticism and self-doubts?


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