The Secret Music From The Stone



Did you know that the Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland holds a musical mystery in its architecture?


The connection between music and mathematics is well known. But who would have thought that the carvings on a 600 years old stone chapel represent the coded form of a musical score?


Built in 1446 the chapel stands on fourteen pillars. At the east end of it, on the ceiling, there are four cross-sections of arches.

Into the arches, there are 13 angels carved who seem to be musicians. (One of them is playing the bagpipes, of course!) Surrounding the angels are 213 geometric symbols that match sound waves at different pitches.


After using Cymatics and Chladni patterns to decode these geometric symbols, musicians Thomas and Stuart Mitchell ended up with complex music with Gregorian and Celtic resonances. They added to it words from a contemporary hymn and named the composition The Rosslyn Motet.


The fact that each sound can be translated into a specific pattern that stays the same is extraordinary.

The fact that a musical message of such beauty could be transmitted to us over centuries is even more remarkable.


And as I listen to these harmonies unfolding, I wonder what messages could be hidden in plain sight into our own lives, waiting for us to decode them?


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