The Observer Effect



In quantum physics, ‘the observer effect’ says that observing a situation or phenomenon changes that phenomenon.


This applies to physics, IT, social sciences, etc. You probably experienced it in your life as well.

Like that critical colleague who’d always point out flaws and never say anything positive. Strangely enough, in their presence what usually goes fine, would go wrong. You’d start making mistakes doing what you’ve done (so well!) hundreds of times before.  With a glint of satisfaction, they say: I knew this would happen!


The opposite works just as well.


Like teacher expectations impacting student motivation and performance. Teachers were told some of their students (chosen randomly!) had the potential to be high achievers and to bloom throughout the year. 


At the end of the school year, these students had massively improved their academic results.


Our expectations have a powerful impact, both in our lives and in someone else’s.


It is no woo woo, fake science fact; even space experiments with satellites have confirmed it: reality is what you choose it to be.


So what do you choose?


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