The Myth of “I’ll Be Happy When…”



The myth of “I’ll be happy when…” has been exposed over and over again. We pretty much agree that conditioning our feeling of happiness on acquiring a better car, job or partner is a sure recipe for wasting precious time in a wishful state. It’s like dangling a carrot in front of the horse to keep him running, but never actually allowing the horse to have it.
And yet, with a different look, it still creeps on us occasionally, and we believe its lies.
We make up labels and rules about things. This is how our brains work.

But this becomes a problem when we let ourselves confined by these labels and rules. That’s when we start to suffer.
For example, stop for a moment and think: how does a wealthy or successful person look like to you?
  • What are their defining characteristics?
  • How old is she/he?
  • What are they wearing?
  • How do they speak?
  • Do you personally know anyone like this or is it a cliche you borrowed?
  • Can you remember when and how you reached this perception?
Now ask yourself: if you’re not already there, what’s stopping you?
What do you think needs to be different about yourself to be rich or successful? Your hair / clothes / weight / accent / car / house / age?
What would make you worthy?
See how we’re back to the same myth?
We’re operating with illusions.
Even when there is a real person behind those representations, that’s still, just ONE PERSON. And one swallow does not a summer make.
The good news is, we make our own reality.
The bad news is, we’re rarely aware of HOW we’re doing it.
So take a good look again at what you want to have or be. Now, what’s really stopping you?



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