The Most Dangerous Enemy In The World



When you pursue your goals you get to know yourself better.

It’s not just the type of things you aim to accomplish that says a lot about yourself, but also the means that you use and the things you say to yourself when you don’t.


Reaching a goal can demand sweat, tears and raw honesty to see some uncomfortable things in yourself.


Sometimes you see fears – that you’re not good enough, that you’ll never succeed, that you’re going to let down someone you love or respect. Fear of being rejected, fear of not living up to your/others’ expectations, fear of losing what matters – and more.


Sometimes those fears are being confirmed.

I had many dismal moments when I realised I wasn’t even by far as skilful or as smart as I imagined myself to be. That I was impulsive and acted recklessly, hurting people’s feelings. (What is worse, I’d done it with the best intentions in the world, which of course didn’t make for the poorly chosen way of showing it.)


And sometimes the losses I dreaded became a fact.


However, you can fight those, once you saw them out there in the open.

But the most dangerous enemy in the world is the one you do not recognize. The one that you got so used to seeing that it seems harmless or insignificant.


And some of your beliefs about yourself fall in this category.


I’m not talking about those habits you can beat with a little bit of discipline and will.

I’m talking about those convictions that run in the background, grey eminences dictating your life as they want, not as you’d like. You need a lot of patience (and sometimes years) to uncover and transform those, layer after layer, like peeling an onion.


They are responsible for you not having the prosperity – or success or love or a big fancy house or whatever – you say out loud that you want. They are the hidden saboteurs that undermine your determination and make you quit those beautiful resolutions.


C. S. Lewis said: ‘The most dangerous ideas are not the ones being argued, but the ones that are assumed’.


So stop for a moment and think:

  • What are you assuming about yourself without question?
  • What can’t you do, have or be? Why?
  • What are you so used to thinking and saying about yourself that justifies (or maybe even causes?) the lack of action and success?


Take a good look at the goals you abandoned – you can start getting your answers there.


Discovering and transforming hidden beliefs is not easy because well, they are so close to us. It also takes a bit of experience. If you’d like to tackle this issue, contact me for a discovery session. 

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