That Unique Flavour

How many times were you told that your brother / sister / colleague / friend is better /smarter / more intelligent / more… than you?


How many times did you tell yourself the same things?


Those things might have been spoken with good intentions by relatives / teachers etc. who wanted to motivate you to try harder. They didn’t know that when it comes to motivation one size doesn’t fit all because we don’t enjoy the same things and don’t have the same values.


And here you are years later, afraid to show yourself fully because you think you have nothing valuable to offer.


You still compare yourself to others and your accomplishments still come short. Even when you succeed, you’re still afraid the others will eventually realise what a fraud you are.


You’re still looking for the “secret ingredient” others possess, but forget that food doesn’t taste the same cooked by different people, even with the same recipe, the same amounts of vegetables and spices.


In real life though, we don’t have the same ingredients, nor in the same amounts.


What you cook will never please everybody and you can’t force them to like it.


But there will be people who will LOVE it.

Because nothing can ever replace the unique flavour that YOU are.


Is Fear Of Being Judged Running Your Life?

Would you like to start doing what YOU want instead of what others choose for you?

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