When Your Goals Get Inconvenient

When Your Goals Get Inconvenient

When Your Goals Get Inconvenient


This weekend I watched “The Good Girls Revolt” TV series. Based on real events, it tells the story of forty-six Newsweek women who sued the magazine for discrimination.




Because working for the “Newsweek” as a woman in 1969 was a dead end. Women were relegated to low-level positions and even when they were more talented and better educated than their male counterparts (the reporters), they were paid three times less. They were never given credit, even though their writing was often incorporated into the reporters’ stories. Advancing was denied and aspiring female journalists were told: “If you want to be a writer, go somewhere else.”


Their decision to sue was not an easy one – not all those women were coming from privilege, some had a family to support and their action could have lost their jobs. Besides, women had never dared to fight for their rights before.


That was the first female class action lawsuit. It took courage and determination to do it, but it inspired other women in the media to quickly follow suit. One step started a whole movement.


So when you’re setting your goals ask yourself

  • How badly do you want to reach them?
  • How far are you willing to go?
  • What are you willing to sacrifice to achieve them?
  • Who else will your goal impact?


At the end of the day, goals that don’t make you burn brighter are getting dumped the minute things get inconvenient.


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