The Unfairness Of “All Or Nothing”

The Unfairness Of “All Or Nothing”

The Unfairness Of “All Or Nothing”



Do you know somebody who constantly reminds you of that one mistake you happened to make?

It doesn’t matter if your record was impeccable until then, nor that maybe it wasn’t your fault. No, they label you and in their eyes, you’re stuck in that category for ever.


What you did doesn’t even need to be dramatic or scandalous.


Say, you have a friend over and when you cook dinner, the lid on the salt shaker falls into the food together with a significant amount of salt. You remove most of it, but the food is saltier than usual.


You apologise and prepare a side dish that has no salt, for balance, also offering to order something else. But your friend doesn’t want something else, eats it but complains every three mouthfuls. Luckily, he has no health condition that might be affected.


Afterwards he never misses a chance to tell you to go easy on the salt. It doesn’t matter you didn’t cook anything that salty before or after. For him, you are the person who ALWAYS overuses salt.


This type of thinking is unfair, untrue and hurtful.

And it never generalizes the good things either, only the bad ones. It’s like they have selective amnesia!


Have you met such a person?


What would you tell them?

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