Running For Your Dream

When I was younger I used to take part in road running competitions.
It wasn’t always easy and while the start was lighthearted and full of joy, the end was sometimes downright horrific.
Your feet would become heavier by the moment, breath would turn into a painful wheeze and all your muscles would scream in agony against taking another step.
But the moment you reached the finish line!
That glorious moment when you knew it was over, that you gave your best and now all that burning focus can stop and you can rest.
If you won, with your very last resources you’d be both exhilarated and relieved.
If you didn’t, you’d be equally relieved, your mind oddly at peace. No more struggle.
As a perfectionist you might feel you have to work very hard for your dream, spend hundreds of hours on your work.
There is value in that.
It is also admirable that you don’t settle for mediocre in your offer.
But there is so much more to learn about how to improve it when you bring it down in the trenches.
Because in fact, your work has to survive the tests of the real world.
So don’t be afraid to enter the race.
Whether you win or you lose, there will always be room for improvement.
But you’ll know that at least you went after your dream.

Is Fear Of Being Judged Running Your Life?

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