Reflections And Refractions


When you learned from an early age that you need to seek approval and validation outside, you will do everything you can to meet other people’s expectations.


You will make compromises, say yes when you’d rather say no and never upset or disappoint them.


But a life of people pleasing is a life in chains, where you forfeit your right to make your choices.

It’s a life where you lose yourself little by little.


After a few decades like this, you’re convinced that who you are and what you think aren’t even worth showing. That you have nothing interesting, original or valuable to contribute to the world.


When hexagonal ice crystals slowly drift into the air, the sun reflecting and refracting through them creates the so called sun dogs and sun pillars. Two small extra suns appear on each side of the real one, plus a vertical pillar of light and rainbow-like halos.


All these from a few tiny ice crystals.


When life is touching you, it creates even more amazing transformations.


What if you stopped focusing on what others say and simply allowed yourself to shine in your unique way?

What amazing colours will show?



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