How To Make Good Decisions Without Agonizing



Do you know the economic theory saying that more choice is always better?


In reality, from choosing the right energy plan to choosing the next tools to grow your business, from buying presents to buying a new house, having too many options can be agonizing.



Because it gets too complicated. You might even end up picking something, anything, just to be done with it.


We do better when we have a smaller choice set.

So here’s how you can make decisions without agonising:

1.- First, you need to be clear on what matters most to you.

What things or features do you want most? Order them from the most important to the least important one.

Put them down in writing because when you stay in your head, you keep going in circles.


2.- Then, to narrow down the options you can see it as a sports tournament: divide the options into 3-4 groups, pick the winner from each group, then pick a new winner from the finalists.


Are you stuck on potential worst-case scenarios?

Write the things you’d like to avoid, from the worst one to the least bad. Honestly, how likely is each one to happen? If the chances are high, come up with solutions and move on!


One last thought: when we attribute too much finality to a choice it’s harder to decide.

Remember: there are always other chances to make new decisions.


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