How Do You Shoot Yourself In The Foot?


When your deepest belief is that you’re not good enough, feeling that you’re not worthy (of love, success or prosperity) comes naturally.


So what do you do?

You sabotage yourself – in one or more of those areas:



– you can’t say NO or set boundaries

– you are suspicious and don’t let people get to know you

– you don’t communicate much, but expect the others to know how you feel and think

– you can’t accept compliments

– you think people are liars or deluded if they see something nice in you

– you’re constantly afraid that you’ll be dumped

– you stay in toxic relationships

– if you’re in a nicer relationship with someone who sees your qualities you will do your best to break it, to confirm your belief about your unworthiness



– you diminish your skills and knowledge in front of others

– you hide your work, even if it’s good

– you don’t take credit for your success

– you procrastinate putting yourself out there by keeping busy with something that’s not really useful or endlessly tinkering on insignificant details



– you put everything and everyone else ahead of your needs

– you don’t take enough time for rest or self-care until you crash


What is / was your favourite way to sabotage yourself?


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