Honouring Your Rhythms

30 Oct, 2018 | burnout, perfectionism, self acceptance, self love

As an entrepreneur, the saying ‘Festina Lente’ (“Make Haste Slowly”) may seem counter-intuitive, because you’d think the sooner you get things done, put yourself out there on the market, the better it is.

After all, time is money and nobody gets any younger.


With an ever growing list of things to be done, -especially when you have to do them all by yourself — you want results quickly. You’d love to have clients rolling in like… yesterday.


As a consequence, you keep on accelerating your efforts, frantically trying to learn new skills and cover all the bases at the same time.


But too much effort can be self-defeating. You can miss the forest for the trees. You’ll end up in a conflict with yourself, torn between your lack of self-acceptance and the fact that there is only so much a human can do before breaking down.


I love the Daoist concept of “Wu Wei”, or action through inaction. It means non-forcing or non-doing and it refers to cultivating a state in which our actions are effortlessly aligned with the ebb and flow of the cycles of the natural world.


Nature has rhythms — and so do we.


But we ignore ours, unrealistically expecting to ALWAYS be at our best.


Trees aren’t angry, frustrated or disappointed with themselves because they can’t bear fruits in winter.


There’s a time for action and there’s a time for reflection.


When you accept your needs and limitations, you’ll find balance and a new perspective.

And you’ll know when your effort is appropriate and when it would be wasted.


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