Don’t Rush Into The Tardis!



Do you know the usual time travel romantic comedies?
Boy sees girl, boy likes girl, it doesn’t work out, and so he’s stuck in a repetitive day. Or he finds a device/magic artefact to go back in time.


Usually, after messing things over and over, he understands he has to change. Some attempts later, he becomes a better version of himself, gets the girl, happy end.


But this movie was different.


Our hero had his moments of being an idiot. Then a jerk. Then the ideal boy doing all the right things.


Still, he didn’t get the girl he wanted.
(And the one time he did, they were unhappy.)


No matter how hard he tried, she was always in love with the guy he struggled to stop her from marrying.


However, in all the alternate realities, he keeps meeting his “dream girl”‘s roommate. Mostly he ignores her, sometimes he gets beaten by her, usually they despise each other.


Until they get to talk and he discovers that she is everything that he loved. That the girl he chased was just a pale reflection who didn’t even like the same things as him.


And so he gets that he wasn’t supposed to change anything in the first place. Had he not been so absorbed with chasing THE (imaginary) ONE, he would have met the girl he would have been happy with.


Time travelling is a dream as old as… well, time.
When we lose the one we love, or when our whole lives are turned upside down in a blink of an eye, it’s only natural to want to go back.


But would that always be the best option?

What if we trusted more “the wisdom of the big design”?


The fact is, we can’t be 100% sure our choice is right until we see the consequences.

And sometimes not even then, because we don’t have ALL the data/the bigger picture.


So should we stop going after our dreams?


Just, you know, while pursuing them, maybe raise our head now and then and take a look around. Maybe try and get a different perspective.


The answer might be just inches away from the picture we see with the tunnel vision.


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