Can An Assumption Get You a Free Face Massage?


“Hey, long time no see! What are you doing?”

“I’m OK, just going to work” I answered
“Eurgh! I know, I hate Mondays, too!”


I wanted to tell him that the reason why I looked grey and felt sluggish was that I was a bit tired and trying (unsuccessfully) to fend off a cold. That I didn’t hate Mondays, but I was just out of sorts.


But I wasn’t quick enough, so he patted my shoulder encouragingly:
“What can we do? Work is a necessary evil!”


Judgements we make on others based on our assumptions are so funny sometimes.
And so far from the truth.


It’s so interesting to see how we presume our labels to be true for everybody else. Sometimes we’re spot on and we’re satisfied to share a mutual like or dislike.


Other times the answers we get vary from stone silence to a slap in the face (aka. free face massage).


When was the last time you got some funny looks for assuming something without checking?

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