Are You Exhausted And Frustrated

With All The Hustling?



Burnout  to Blossom Coaching

For solopreneurs buried under their ‘to do’ list 

Could this be you?

You care for people, you know you could help them and you want to make a difference in their lives. You left your day job because it had long hours, it didn’t use your skills and talents, and you didn’t have much control there.


So you started your business and soon discovered that clients and cash don’t start flowing in as the ‘ internet gurus’ promise, because:

   you need to do way more things than you expected

   you have to learn  a lot of things to make your business            work (but they’re NOT your actual business)

   sometimes results are slow to show

Since there are just 24 hours in a day and just one of you, you start to cut out your hobbies and fun activities. Sleep and exercising go next. 

Your family time? 

Not quality time anymore, because you’re not really there. 

Because you constantly think about your business and take any chance to excuse yourself and go back to work.

You just want your efforts to count towards something!

Does this sound like you?

  • Are you so stressed and exhausted you can no longer sleep properly?
  • Are you frustrated by the lack of progress and overwhelmed by how much work you have to do?
  • Are you feeling lonely and afraid you’ll fail?
  • Maybe you have heart palpitations? Depression paying you regular visits?


Yet, you can’t stop because of this constant sense of pressure and urgency.

Because the voice inside your head is constantly pushing you further.

“Burnout to Blossom” helps you change your mindset,

so that you can enjoy your business, instead of being drained by it.

You’ve left employment because it was long hours work and not much control. You ended up working more, it doesn’t pay you that much (if at all) and it doesn’t feel like you have much control over the outcome either. Although you own it, it seems like the business is owning you.


You lost your sense of purpose and direction, all you see is this list of things to do that keeps growing longer by the day.


You can stop now and change something, or keep on going

until your body will shut down by itself and force you to stop.

It’s not your fault that in our modern society the more you get done and the more busy and tired you are, the more you are seen to be ‘successful’. As if exhaustion were a status symbol!


The solution isn’t in doing more, you already do more than enough!

But what if there was a way to get more done, more effectively, with less stress and in less time?

What if you could start enjoying your life and your business again?

What if you could find again your playfulness, creativity and sense of freedom ?

Supporting overworked, overwhelmed solopreneurs to reconnect with what’s really important for them is what my coaching package Burnout to Blossom is about.

After an initial discovery session, we’ll have three months (14 one hour sessions) of 1–on-1 coaching  to help you:


Create the model of success that makes YOU happy

Re-establish your priorities

Deal with the inner critic that sucks out all the joy and keeps you living in  fear

Reconnect to that place of playfulness, strength and resilience inside of yourself


Just imagine for a moment that you can find time for yourself. Maybe you finally read those books that gathered in piles,  while enjoying your favourite beverage in silence.

Maybe you exercise (- you know your stiff body is screaming for it!) Imagine getting a decent 8 hours sleep every night.

Imagine fun nights in and adventurous days out with your close ones.

Imagine that you run your business efficiently, from a place of clarity and focus, without agonising over meaningless minutiae.

Imagine that  you set yourself free from unrealistic expectations and pressure, finding your own rhythm and solutions.

Not only is this possible, but you also owe it to yourself!


The price of this package is normally £1600.

BUT because I want to help you make the shift towards ease and effectiveness as soon as possible, I’m offering it to the first seven people for only £600. Yep, that’s right, if you are fast enough you can win £1000 worth of life changing coaching.


You can be one of the lucky seven!


…but when it’s gone, it’s gone! The price will go up and will never be just £600 again.


For less than the price of a latte a day you can bring your life back on track.

See what others have to say about this package

I used to be a workaholic and my mantra was “Always push harder!” I had to do a thousand things for work and then be a mum and a wife. My exhaustion made me frustrated and angry most of the time.

I understood what a nightmare I’d become when I ‘lost it’ one day and I saw fear in my little boy’s eyes!

I HAD TO do something about it and I chose the coaching package with Lidiana.

As a result, I started to delegate and to set boundaries. I changed my routine to include decent sleep and fun with my family. I also made time for my painting and some of my best business ideas came when I was  playing with the colours.

These things may seem common sense, but with my previous way of thinking, they had no place in my life. Now I’m relaxed and I enjoy taking care of my business AND of myself.

Biggest lesson for me? Self-care isn’t a luxury, it’s a basic need!”

Erika Fahr, web developer

“I struggled with low self-esteem all my life, so to cover it I dived into work. Overachieving was my way of silencing that mean inner voice – but only for a very short time. I could never stop and enjoy my success because I had to go after the next thing.

It took quite a few sessions to dig out the program that was running – and ruining! – my life. Another few sessions to give up my impossible standards and to start accepting myself.

It wasn’t always easy, but it was liberating.

I feel like I’m a new person now.

My decisions no longer come from a place of insecurity and I don’t try to please or impress anybody anymore.

I started to celebrate my wins and I no longer beat myself mercilessly for my mistakes.

I fired my inner critic, but I’m finding my voice instead – and I love it!”

Irina Paul, HR consultant



My name is Lidiana Burlacu


I’m a self-esteem coach & NLP Trainer and I help solopreneurs move from self-criticism, procrastination  and burnout, to showing up authentically, relaxed and knowing that they are ENOUGH.

This is my story, too. I often worked the nights and had no time for myself or for any personal life. When results didn’t show in my business, my inner critic would tear me apart like the fiercest of tigers.  To find solutions, I’d be jumping into more business & social media marketing courses and webinars.

It was so overwhelming and I felt so lonely!

I had to wreck my health and have a major burnout before I decided to change how I did things.

Now, with Burnout to Blossom I help clients deal with those limiting beliefs that keep them pushing so hard, so they create a balanced lifestyle suitable for healthy, happy humans not for machines.

It’s time to swap the to-do list for the to-be list!

You can honour your promises, make a difference in the world and have fun

while you’re at it!

Are you willing to start seeing yourself and life in a totally different way?

No more exhaustion, no more frustration, no more self-doubt undermining your efforts.




Got questions? Good! This means you’re taking this seriously.  Here are the answers

to some common questions I receive


 I’ve never been burnout and I’m not there yet. Why would I take your program?

If you recognised yourself in most of my description, then my friend you’re not very far from a burnout.  Sure, you can keep pushing and pressuring yourself further, crash and only then decide you want to change something.  But do you really want to reach that far? Recovering after a burnout can take months and it’s not pleasant. And what will happen to your business in the meantime?


♥ How is this different from other planning and prioritizing courses?

We’ll be analysing your situation and find solutions tailored for you. A course cannot answer your particular questions and doesn’t offer you encouragement and support when it’s hard. We all know that change isn’t done just by reading something, otherwise we could give up bad habits and fears instantly. A course cannot tackle those!


Can I take this package later?

Sure, except the price will be different. This is the first and last time I’m offering it for £600, to the first seven people who enrol. When these 7 places are filled… you don’t know if it goes back to £1600 or less, but it will surely never be just £600 again.


♥ I’ve  got more questions?

Book a free call with me and I’ll be happy to tell you everything you need.