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12 Warning Signs of Burnout

12 Warning Signs of Burnout

  Going through burnout is tough, intense and lonely. It's also taking a lot of time to come back at your full performance. Thinking at the time when I was there, I wondered: Were there any telltale signs of the storm to come? Yes, there were.But I ignored them. I...

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Who Cares For The Carer?

Who Cares For The Carer?

 I lost my mum to MS seven years after my dad died of a heart attack. Her condition started to deteriorate from first being unable to walk to not being able to raise her hand. In the end, she couldn't even say her name. It was the hardest time of my life. I had no...

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Rising Above The Noise

Rising Above The Noise

Everybody is giving unsolicited advice these days. From cooking to content marketing, it invades your privacy on all channels. It's in your emails, in all the adds and pop ups of the pages you open - everybody's eager to teach you "how to" anything. It seems you don't...

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10 Minutes Quiz

Is stress a normal part of your life? Do you work insanely long hours?

This 10 minutes quiz can tell you if you’re heading towards burnout or not.

Perfectionists R US

If you’re a perfectionist and would like to join a community of  like minded people, you can join my Facebook group.

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You’ve read books, attended courses and workshops, and listened to inspirational audios. Still, you feel something is missing.

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Do you want to be seen for who you are? 
Would you like to talk with somebody who knows and understands? 

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You might want to join my group.
It’s a supportive community of like minded people where you can share your experiences and find inspiration. 

There you can learn to have a kinder relationship with yourself. How to prevent getting burnout. And more.
It’s a place where you can basically just be yourself, un-apologetically. 

Perfectionism can be a blessing and it can be a curse. But it doesn’t have to be lonely.