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How To Stop Worrying Yourself Sick

How To Stop Worrying Yourself Sick

  Are you reading too much into situations or spend too much time trying to make decisions? Are you going over the same things that have already happened or might happen in the future? Do you panic at every physical discomfort and suspect some life-threatening...

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To Everything There Is A Season…

To Everything There Is A Season…

 At the beginning of March, I had a very weird couple of weeks. Try as I might, I could not bring myself to do any significant work other than a few articles. It was as if the storms that swept over the town took my focus, inspiration and motivation with them. I did...

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12 Warning Signs of Burnout

12 Warning Signs of Burnout

  Going through burnout is tough, intense and lonely. It's also taking a lot of time to come back at your full performance. Thinking at the time when I was there, I wondered: Were there any telltale signs of the storm to come? Yes, there were.But I ignored them. I...

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The time Is NOW!

The time Is NOW!

You have this idea. You know it can solve a real problem, better than the other solutions out there at the moment. That people would benefit immensely from it. But you don't do anything about it, because things aren't perfectly lined up. The conditions aren't perfect...

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Waking Up Galatea

Waking Up Galatea

  Pygmalion was such a talented sculptor that his lifelike creations were the most sought after in the city.His craftsmanship reached perfection when he sculpted Galatea out of ivory. No woman could match its breathtaking beauty. He fell in love with it and lost all...

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Is stress a normal part of your life? Do you work insanely long hours?

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