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The Threat Of A Million WHY’s

The Threat Of A Million WHY’s

  ”Stop throwing food.” - "Why?"“You can’t go across the street.” - "Why?"”No, you can’t have knives.” - "Why?""Don't hit your sister." - "Why?"  If you had to look after children (yours or others'), you recognise the scenario that has millions of parents pull their...

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Are You Fighting With The Shadows?

Are You Fighting With The Shadows?

  Overthinking, like anything else, can be both a blessing and a curse. You do it in a battle, prepare for the worst, you're a good strategist.In day to day life, it's tiresome, and you don't need it all the time. Plus, in relationships, it kills the spontaneity and...

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The Yin Yang Way to Deal With Adversities

The Yin Yang Way to Deal With Adversities

 Have you seen the new Marco Polo on Netflix? While I liked the 1982 version and was totally in love with the soundtrack  (Ennio Morricone!), this version had my eyes glued to the screen for hours. The episode I watched last night made me think about applying the Ying...

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Are We Thriving In Hardship?

Are We Thriving In Hardship?

Every now and then when the weather is too miserable to go for a walk, I play strategy games on my computer. My mind relaxes and can find easily solutions afterwards.   Two years ago I played a game I could not win. If I stayed in my land, the population will...

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What Do You Do When You’re Thrown In Deep Water?

What Do You Do When You’re Thrown In Deep Water?

They say that when you place an intention or a wish, you set in motion invisible forces that will aim to make your dream come true. However, while you may or may not have a vision, more often than not things will unfold in unexpected ways that you may not even have considered.

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