Beyond The Hats We Wear

There are many hats we can wear these days: “mother”, “lawyer”, “Buddhist”, “French”, “male”, and so on. Some we exchange with the circumstances, mostly it’s a balancing act.


The beauty is that we can add or replace almost all of them these days.

But sometimes we get so used to how we see ourselves that we forget it is us who put almost all of them there. We no longer believe it’s possible to change them. Or we’re simply afraid.


One of my clients said her impostor syndrome is preventing her from reaching her goal. I asked her to describe it to me and my NLP training made me notice how she placed her goal somewhere far, both in space and in time.


She admitted she didn’t want to bring it closer because she thought she wasn’t good enough for it. That she had to become someone else to achieve it.

Her current hat was too tight for her, but she would not dare to change it.


But how will you know something else will fit you, unless you try it on?


When you believe that who you are and what you’re “wearing” are one and the same, changing can be painfully difficult.



What if you saw that it’s not the hat giving you value, but the other way around?

What will you keep and what will you throw away?

What else would you like to try on?


Is Fear Of Being Judged Running Your Life?

Would you like to start doing what YOU want instead of what others choose for you?

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