Are You Waiting For The Cat?

Three days ago, chased by a neighbourhood cat, with neck and head feathers gone entirely, a wood pigeon fledgling arrived in my backyard.


I was worried my dog might get her, but my 9 years old Collie was happy to just lazily sleep on the grass. The bird stayed hidden near the shed and came by the house in the night.


I spread seed mix in front of her, but she didn’t eat much – if at all. She wouldn’t let me touch her, she’d run desperately all over the place, so I let her be. Her wings didn’t look strong enough to fly and she was losing feathers.


In the afternoon the fledgling decided to explore the herbs pots on the bench. I had to chase away a brown cat that came in (probably the same one that hunted her to my place).


In the morning I found the bird perched on the fence. I didn’t want to scare her away, lest it fell off into my neighbour’s yard, where the three playful pups would have gotten her.


But the ring neck dove living in my cherry tree decided there wasn’t room enough for both of them in one yard, so she started to beat the fledgling. Feathers kept falling to the ground until I shooed away the dove (four times, before she stopped coming back).


Then the cat returned, deftly jumping in the exact spot where the fledgling was.


I rushed out shouting at the cat, who tried to jump on the tree, but fell on the ground instead. My dog dashed out barking and almost got her tail, while the cat flew in a frenzy over the fence.


And the bird?


The moment the cat jumped to grab her, the bird flew without falling over four houses and gardens, until I could not see her anymore.


Although it’s not always obvious, we are far stronger and more resilient than we -and others-  believe we are.


So where in your life are you still waiting for the cat to jump at you, before you decide to spread your wings and fly?


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