Are Women More Prone To Perfectionism?

For centuries women have been accused of being “too sensitive”, “finicky” and missing the big picture for the details. But what if it’s no more their fault than it is a computer’s functioning in the parameters it was built for?

Recent neurological studies showed that the area responsible for recognising the errors and flaws is much larger in the female brain than it is in the males’.


That’s why a woman can pick up a tiny spot in an otherwise exquisite appearance. It’s also why women are more self-conscious and perfectionist than men. (Besides the fact that often women are expected to perform more poorly than men in the workplace, so they need to prove their worth more than men.)



When humans are under stress, the brain commands the release of cortisol. Female brains can decrease the production of cortisol by organising things and obsessing about details.


(Women also have a better memory for details too, so they never forget a fight or a romantic encounter — and won’t let you either.)


On the plus side: women get to handle the pressure in ways that are less destructive towards others than men.


On the minus side, they can arrange their closet for the umpteenth time or waste a lot of time tinkering on minutiae and reach burnout easier.


And no, they are not crazy or stupid. They do it because it gives them a feeling of being in control and it helps them reduce the stress.


Think how useful this behaviour is if you have a huge cabinet of files and bills that need sorting out!

There are many differences between the male and female brains. Some make things easier, and some make things harder.


But the good news is, unlike computers if we know where to look and how to do it, we can change our “software” ourselves.

Understanding the differences and stopping the blame are the first steps.

And if we’re smart enough, we can leverage and put those differences to good use.


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