Are We Thriving In Hardship?

Every now and then when the weather is too miserable to go for a walk, I play strategy games on my computer. My mind relaxes and can find easily solutions afterwards.


Two years ago I played a game I could not win.

If I stayed in my land, the population will grow, resources will become scarce and also the land upon which I could build and produce food.

I tried colonising, but the costs to build and transport resources to/from the mother land would soon go very high. Often my ships would be captured by pirates.


One way or another I would get bankrupt. Apparently, so would all the other players I met on the forum.


Then a computer whiz friend of mine performed some programming magic and ta da! I had 100 millions of coins to spend and no more pirates on my back!

I could finally play and enjoy it, without constantly worrying. I was ecstatic!


…for about three days. Then it became boring.


Although the conditions were ideal, there was no more satisfaction in the wins.


In facing challenges we learn what we’re capable of.


Under high temperature and pressure, the graphite turns into diamonds.


The stories that touch and inspire us aren’t a flat line where everything is perfect all the time.



How exciting do you want your story to be?



Is Fear Of Being Judged Running Your Life?

Would you like to start doing what YOU want instead of what others choose for you?

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