Are Control Freaks The Big Bad Wolf?



They say perfectionists are control freaks. They always need to have the last word, they think they know better and everything must go according to their plans, or else.


In a world confused by so many options, knowing what you want does attract attention.

Knowing what you want AND not being afraid to ask for it – that is even more outstanding.


It’s easy to get annoyed by their obsession for details and their occasional lack of flexibility. It’s not easy to live up to their standards. Plus, they are so bossy!


Behind their rules and schedules however, there is a desert of loneliness and anxiety. A human being cracking in pieces when changes whirlwind into their lives.


When they try to correct everything and everybody it’s not because they are self-suficient jerks. They don’t necessarily want to show they are smarter, they just want things to be right again, because then they can feel secure.

Having all the answers gives them safety and worthiness.


If you ever had low self-esteem you know what it’s like to crave every piece of feedback that can validate you.

Because deep inside you have that never sated hunger for recognition and self-worth.


Can you find the compassion to see the scared human being beyond the controlling facade?


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