The Passive Aspect of a Transformation

The Passive Aspect of a Transformation

The Passive Aspect of a Transformation



A transformation is a dramatic change – in form, life circumstances, etc. It’s not just a modest shift that barely affects the big picture, but an extreme, radical change.
So it’s not just putting on different earrings, but giving your whole wardrobe a makeover. It’s more than going out with somebody; it’s getting married.
Although this sounds like a very dynamic (Yang) process, we know from the Yin Yang theory that (almost) all things have both Yin and Yang properties.
What could be passive (Yin) in a transformation?
🌸 1.) – Patience
= being able to stay in the unknown and not-yet manifested, without forcing change and without frustration; allowing time for new ideas to show up and for the efforts you’ve already made to bear fruits
🌸 2.) – Receiving
– Being open – to new ideas, to notice opportunities, and to welcome help. Often when we say we’re open, we have that crossed arms, “come on, show me what you’ve got” attitude. That’s not exactly welcoming.
Real openness has a certain lightness and fluidity about it, a blurring of edges, like a drop of purple ink dissolving in a glass of clear water.
– Quick test: think about an area of your life where you say you’re open (money? getting help? new possibilities?), but where you haven’t registered much progress. Now check with your body and see what area is tense. Is it your solar plexus? Your jaws? Your shoulders? Your legs? Did your breathing just become shallow or constricted?
Your body and your mind are deeply connected – when one of them relaxes, the other one follows.
– Letting go of the old – just for now. Again, it’s a relaxed, agreed-upon renunciation, not one with clenched fists and biting lips. Imagine you put all the previous information and feelings in a box and set it aside for a bit. Now, what are you inspired to do that you haven’t tried before? How can you welcome the changes following the actions you already took?
Do the relaxation check – if you’re soft as a jellyfish, you’re on the right track.
🌸 3.) – Nurturing
– Recharging after effort – I was surprised to discover how much stress and adrenal fatigue affected me. What I mistook for lack of creativity was the fogginess of sleep deprivation. It’s incredible how many “I’m not good enough”-s vanish with proper rest and a healthy lifestyle.
– Getting adequate food for the different levels of our being (see What are you hungry for?)
– Learning – Many times, we need to know more before we can leap. The quality of our decisions depends on the quality of the information we have.

Why is it important to know about this whole Yin and Yang business?


Because extreme, massive action without regeneration leads to burnout. Continuous giving without replenishing, leads to depletion.
On the other hand, accumulating without using the resources gets you, well… nowhere. That makes the difference between being committed to change and wishful thinking.
Quick test:
– how many books have you got stacked (on shelves or electronically), but to this day, never got to read?
– how many courses or group challenges have you enrolled in the past six months and didn’t even get to consume?
– how many webinars and live videos have you watched without doing anything with the knowledge?
That’s like becoming mentally obese. Information is there, stocked, but you’re not using it.
Transformation, like pretty much everything, is a dance of BOTH the Yin and the Yang. It’s about receiving AND giving, passivity AND activity. It’s never just one.
You act then you take a step back to weigh the results. You push when extra effort is required and then take time to rest. You allow time to get ready and then make big strides towards your objective.
That is, of course, if you’d rather have a transformation without stress and exhaustion. 😉

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