The Value Of Small Things

The Value Of Small Things

The Value Of Small Things

We are taught to value BIG. Big achievements. Big houses. spending big.

But is BIG always best?


I believe in the importance of small things, too.


Like the small gestures of tenderness and affection – holding hands, adding a flower to her breakfast, sacrificing a night out with the friends to stay with your partner who caught a cold.


Like enjoying the small pleasures of life – reading a book in your favourite cafe, swimming in a perfectly still sea or choosing a new fragrance for your diffuser.


I believe small steps are important – no matter how scary a goal may seem, with small steps you will get there eventually. And small, constant achievements build up your confidence. You learn you can deal with things and can trust your judgement, your intuition, your skills.


BIG can sometimes be overwhelming and off putting.

A sacrifice isn’t less of a sacrifice just because it did not cost you your life.

Your child’s “I love you” on a simple card is no less of a declaration just because it’s not made with a dozen red roses.

A DIY project that brings you satisfaction isn’t less of an achievement just because it did not score a 5 or 6 figures number.


I am not against BIG.

I just don’t believe this should be the only criterion we should measure our lives against. After all, it’s not just the moon, but also the stars that enchant us in the beautiful tapestry of sky…


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