HI, I’m Lidiana Burlacu

Self-Esteem Coach & NLP Trainer

I help people with perfectionist tendencies overcome self-criticism, procrastination and burnout, so that they can relax, show up authentically, and enjoy their lives.

Are You Exhausted And Frustrated With All The Hustling?

Would you like to have the joy and fun back into your life and business?

Do you spend too much time worrying about what others say and how they judge you?

Are you afraid to say NO and cannot set boundaries?

Are you insecure and constantly compare yourself to others, feeling inadequate and lacking?

Do you secretly believe that nobody can love someone like you?

I firmly believe that you deserve to be respected, loved and happy. That you are capable of far more than you can imagine.

That it is possible for you to break free from old habits and limiting beliefs! 

When you’ll realise your true nature, you’ll know that what you are is essentially indestructible. That, beyond the fluctuations of the personality (which is always a work in progress) your inner greatness is ultimately, rock solid.

And I would like to help you see this for yourself!


We are all born confident and curious. Growing up we start to believe what we are told. We minimise our strengths. We forget our greatness.

It happened to me. It happened to you. It happened to everybody at some point in their lives.

If you don’t make a stance, you’ll lose yourself.


But you can CHANGE THIS right now.

You can start taking control of your life.


NO MORE accepting without question what “everybody says”.

NO MORE building your life around other people’s expectations.

And NO MORE waiting for somebody else to save you, because nobody  will.

Only YOU CAN do this.

I Am Here For You!

if you’re determined to make a change. To let go of painful, self-imposed limitations. To start loving yourself.

If this sounds like something you need and you’d like to know more, then let’s have a chat, get to know each other a bit, and we’ll take it from there.

What Some Of My Clients Say

I like your professionalism, creativity, and the consideration you show to the client. You know how to make people comfortable and it’s easy to open up to you.

You listened to me patiently, without judgement, and you encouraged and supported me all the way. 

You helped me get clear on what I wanted and dismantle some old beliefs that were keeping me  playing small. 

Thanks to you I learned how to stop comparing myself to others  and become aware of my unique gifts and strengths.


Teacher, Romania

I have worked with Lidiana for 6 months and she helped me solve many problems, like bulimia. 

She guided me with compassion and  intelligence out of my limitations. It wasn’t always easy to face my fears and anxieties, but Lidiana was always there for me, caring, compassionate and insightful.  Because of past painful experiences, before  I didn’t even dare to think I could ever be happy and free.  Now I’m showing up confident and relaxed,  knowing how to find balance and peace even in a very busy and sometimes stressful life. 

Carmen A.

Yoga Teacher, Spain

Thanks to you I am healthier and sleeping better than I have in years!

I’ve learned not to be bothered by what annoyed me before, even though many of these things are still around. It’s getting better to where I can focus on the good things and not sweat the small stuff.

Don’t get me wrong, there are still challenging days, but they no longer mean the same to me, I am able to overcome them with ease and get back on track. Thank you for bringing calm and stability back into my life!

Peter B.

Web developer, California, USA

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